4 piece 4.2qt vitaquick Pressure Cooker Skillet Set (26cm)

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Fissler vitaquick pressure cookers are the perfect solution for healthy, flavorful and time-saving meals. This 4 piece set includes the 4.2qt (4.0L) vitaquick pressure cooker skillet, pressure lid, glass lid and wire basket. It is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel and has upgraded technology and features an attractive, modern design. UL-listed with multiple, patented safety mechanisms for worry-free, efficient pressure cooking including an automatic pressure valve and upgraded auto-locking handle which indicates a secure, locked lid closure with both an audible click and a color display in the handle. This pressure skillet doubles as the ultimate frying pan, featuring the patented novogrill bottom, a unique honeycomb texture perfect for low-oil grilling, searing and frying-- creating a healthy indoor grill.

vitaquick pressure cookers feature a cooking indicator that uses two convenient markings for either gentle or speed cooking, while preparing foods of all kinds in a healthy, gentle, nutritious manner. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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Not Only Fast, but Also Economical

The pressure cooker lives up to its reputation. All of the ingredients that were tested were on the table much faster than with a conventional pot. Carrots need only 11 rather than 16 minutes, for broccoli it saves almost half of the cooking time, and for potatoes even a little more than half the time (see figure on page 5). As a rule, between 20 and 50% of the usual cooking time can be saved. The record of even 70% time savings can be achieved with dishes that generally need to cook for a long time – such as stews, goulash or roulades.

Time and Energy

Additionally, the pressure cooker saves more than time. The scientists also ascertained that it consumes less energy than a conventional cooking pot. To be exact: 20 to 50% less energy. So these fast pots help both the environment and the household budget. This effect is even stronger in what we call multi-level cooking, when several components of a meal are cooked in the pressure cooker at the same time. While, for example, a piece of meat is braising in broth, the vegetables and potatoes are gently cooking in the steamer inset one level above. In this way an entire meal can be prepared on a single burner.

Save the Goodness

Fresh vegetables are full of valuable vitamins and minerals that are good for us. Selecting the right cooking method will ensure that as many as possible will land on our plates. The scientists discovered that nutrients are optimally preserved by pressure cooking. Carrots, broccoli and potatoes come out of the pressure cooker with almost the same amount of minerals as they had when they were put into it. In a conventional pot, on the other hand, 15% to more than 25% of the minerals will become lost during cooking (see figure on far left).

The same holds true for vitamin C. While approximately 90% of this valuable vitamin is preserved by pressure cooking, being cooked in water destroys it to a great extent – up to 50% in the case of carrots (see figure on the left). Even the thiamine – better known as vitamin B – in potatoes profits from the fast cooking method in steam. It preserves 90% of this vitamin, which is so important for the nervous system. Conventional cooking preserves only about 70%.

Thiamine and Vitamin A

With provitamin A something special happens in the pressure cooker. During pressure cooking, it is freed from the plant cells, so that its quantity in the vegetable doubles. This means that carrots and broccoli are even healthier after they are cooked than beforehand. It is true that this also happens in a conventional cooking pot, but the increase in provitamin A in this case is only a bit more than half (see figure on far right).

Sensor System

So the pressure cooker wins points for speed and as a safe deposit box for vitamins and minerals. But what about flavor? After all, isn’t it most important for a good meal to taste good, too? Gourmets need not worry: What emerges from the pressure cooker is a pleasure to both the taste buds and the eyes. The scientists evaluated broccoli, carrots and potatoes in four categories: color, form, flavor and texture.


  • Cooking indicator with two white rings shows when the correct pressure has been reached for either gentle or speed cooking – Eliminates ambiguity regarding cooking temperature.
  • Built in safety mechanisms for worry-free operation include: Safety Lid with Positioning Aid for secure fit and easy, one-hand operation; Auto-Interlocking Lid with Audio and Visual Indicator “clicks” and turns from red to green when the lid is properly positioned ensuring safe operating mode; Main Valve Automatic Steam Release decreases pressure automatically if the temperature and pressure are too high; Euromatic Safety Valve ensures a safe build-up of pressure and prevents the lid from opening until pressure is released.
  • Patented “Cookstar” all stove base - Optimal heat absorption, retention and distribution for energy efficient cooking across all stove types
  • Integrated measuring scale - Practical measurements of recipe ingredients
  • Rivet free interior – Smooth interior surface does not retain food particles resulting in easier cleanup and healthier cooking
  • Tested by MET to UL standards – Your assurance of safety and quality
  • Dishwasher safe – Easy to use and clean

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