Crispy Steelux Premium Fry Pan

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Crispy Steelux Premium Fry Pan
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The Novogrill surface on Fissler Crispy Steelux Premium fry pans create a grilling effect on food without the fat external crispy frying and generates a "non-sticki experience without the coating or need for fats and oils. Novogrill utilizes the grooved surface of the pan to allow steam to escape so foods sit on top of fats and oil without direct contact cooking food in a healthier and better tasting way. With the patented "Cookstari all stove base, the fry pans create perfect stability for optimal heat absorption and distribution, cooking foods better and faster on every stove top making these pans "future-proofi. Ergonomically designed stay-cool metal handles for comfort and ease of use. 

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Protectal-Plus nonstick coated pans are ideal for foods that tend to adhere, like eggs. Suitable for frying at medium temperatures. Easy to clean!


Stainless steel pans featuring robust material that's suitable for all frying temperatures and dishwasher-safe. Perfect for searing!


  • "Novogrill" cooking surface for low-fat, healthy indoor grilling of meats and vegetables
  • Patented “Cookstar” all stove base for energy efficient cooking across all stove types
  • Ergonomically designed stay-cool metal handle for comfort and ease of use
  • Oven and dishwasher safe