8" crispy and 8" protect 2 piece steelux Fry Pan Value Pack

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2 piece Fry Pan Value Pack. The 2-pack fry pan set consists of an 8" steelux premium crispy fry pan and an 8" steelux protect comfort nonstick fry pan. The novogrill surface on Fissler crispy steelux premium fry pans create a grilling effect on food and generates a nonstick experience without the need to add fats and oils. novogrill utilizes the grooved surface of the pan to allow steam to escape so foods sit on top of fats and oil without direct contact, cooking food in a healthier and better tasting way. The innovative protect steelux premium fry pan guarantees food is cooked efficiently and lifts off the pan effortlessly every time. protect premium fry pans feature a three layer PTFE, PFOA free protectal-plus nonstick coating that is long lasting, durable, and abrasion resistant. Both fry pans come with the patented cookstar all stove base, these fry pans create perfect stability for optimal heat absorption, retention and distribution, cooking foods better and faster on every stove top. Ergonomically designed comfort handle with heat protection and hook-in function for use with splatter

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