Original Profi Conical Sauce Pan

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Original Profi Conical Sauce Pan
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Stainless Steel 18/10

Steel is mixed with Chrome for hardness and corrosion resistance to acidity, as well as Nickel for resistance to air, water and salt, to create a cookware material that is long-lasting, easy to clean, hygenic, and heat-resistant.

Patented cookstar all-stove base

The energy-saving cookstar all-stove base can be used on all kinds of stoves, even induction, and ensures optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention.

Pressure welded and capsuled, stamped with one 1,500-ton stroke

No adhesives or solders necessary

Perfect heat diffusion from quarter-inch aluminum core

Superthermic base for induction cooking

Fully capsuled and pressure welded superthermic base features optimal thermal properties for induction cook tops.


  • Patented “Cookstar” all stove base - Optimal heat absorption, retention and distribution for energy efficient cooking across all stove types
  • Unique “Condensate-Plus” stainless steel lids – Retains moisture, nutrients and enhances flavors
  • Extra wide pouring rim – Easy, accurate and drip-free pouring of liquids
  • Integrated measuring scale - Practical measurements of recipe ingredients
  • Stay-cool metal handles – Ergonomically designed for comfort, ease of use and versatility
  • Rivet free interior – Smooth interior surface does not retain food particles resulting in easier cleanup and healthier cooking
  • Matte finished surface - Resists water spots, staining and scratching for that always new appearance
  • Ovenproof and dishwasher safe – Easy to use and clean